Historical Morgan HorseThe American Morgan Horse:

The Morgan Horse is first and foremost known for its exceptional character and is equally famous for strength and soundness. The wonderful story is that a school teacher was owed some money and accepted a stallion in payment. We know that the horse Justin Morgan accepted was small, bay and part Arabian. This horse’s fame began with his exceptional exploits in strength and speed – all in good spirits and often after a days work! So phenomenal were this stallion’s characteristics that every one bred their mares to him. His foals all carried his look, strength, speed, good sense and willing attitude. A breed was born.
Ultimately, Morgan horses were crossed with Thoroughbreds to produce the harness racing breed we know as Standardbreds and Morgans also became a foundation ingredient in most or all American breeds we have today. The US military admired the Morgan horse above all others and had a serious breeding program for the cavalry.  Today the Morgan horse still enjoys a reputation for exemplary intelligence, character and strength. It is listed with Arabians and Mustangs as suitable for endurance riding and still regarded as a cross that brings good sense and a good attitude.