Smart Horse?

RaviRavi is the lead gelding in the herd. When I put him and another mare up he goes in first. Now, I wanted to change the order of the two, including him, going into a paddock which has one door. I wanted him on the outside by the door. He did not agree with this arrangement. Well, I was riding and he wanted to be ridden. For this the horses get rewarded, and he wanted to be ridden and rewarded. To communicate this he was nickering softly and staring at me. I felt bad because he is recovering from a hoof issue and I am not riding him. I did say, though, “I can’t get to you! You have to be on the outside to be ridden! If you go in last and then are by the gate you will be ridden.” Ha. The next time I put them in he waited and let the other horse go in first so he would be on the outside by the gate. This is an 11-year-old horse I bought before he was born so we have some rapport. However, I think this is an example, among many here, just how intelligent horses are. Very.

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