Training Smart Horses: Examples

My gelding is trained to chase dogs away. You know that dogs are the most dangerous thing in the country. They gang up, forget their civility, and attack things. When out in the field, when I saw a dog, I would call my young gelding and tell him to accompany me in chasing the dog. If he followed me a […]

Training the Foal

This was my first horse and a foal. I made a lot of mistakes. The number one mistake was playing with the colt’s mouth like with a puppy. This is a mistake everyone makes… once. This pegs you as an equal (another foal) and produces a “mouthy” horse who will always want to play “bite-y” using their (soon) BIG teeth. […]

Training Smart Horses

Low totem-pole actions: These are actions which make you the low person on the totem pole or low in the pecking order. Giving food. I am a big believer in rewards but there is an art and a protocol for doing this. Never, never just give treats for nothing. Horses “give” food in hopes of currying favor with higher-ups or […]


Willingness … the problem … most riders expect their horses to work hard for no pay or next to nothing. A peppermint if they are lucky. Additionally, the owners act like low totem individuals. Combine these and you have an animal who is expected to work for someone they have little respect for and little motivation to do so.


Whereas it has been shown through research that horses are, in some ways, as intelligent as chimpanzees and dolphins Whereas there is an ancient and intimate relationship between humans and horses Whereas the archetype of the horse is a strong one in myth and fairy tales and important to the development of the healthy human psychology Whereas the horse/human relationship […]


The day I read the article in the November, 2001 Horse Illustrated about the experiments by Dr. Evelyn Hanggi indicating that “horses possess some learning abilities akin to those of the more accepted animal intellectuals, i.e., dolphins, sea lions and chimpanzees …”, my horses got a whole lot smarter. I encourage you to contact me with your experiences, comments and […]