Easy Rider Training

Here at Canyonview Horses we train the horses to carry a rider the easy way. This is slow and easy rather than abrupt. Breeders are usually the kind of trainers who encourage the slow, steady blossom of foals in the care of happy mothers. This reduces problem pregnancies and ensures easy handling of growing youngsters. So, when a breeder has […]

Electrolytes, Revisited

A reader requested the electrolyte recipe in cookbook fashion. I just made up a basic batch. Two teaspoons salt (sodium chloride) Two teaspoons Nusalt (potassium chloride ) Four teaspoons Vitamin C powder I put 1/2 tsp in a 20 gallon bucket of water along with 1/4 – 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. Yes, I do put this in my drinking […]

Horses and Rewards

I went to a clinic taught by a member of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The instructor’s specialty was the “courbette”. That is a horse hopping on his hind legs. We did not see that, of course, since he did not bring a horse with him from Vienna. One of the things I noticed was a container of sugar […]

Horses, Colic and Electrolytes

I met a woman at a clinic whose valuable mare was suffering a mysterious ailment which could have been heat-related. Not eating or drinking, breathing heavily. Sounds like colic but the veterinarian treated her for that and ruled it out. Regardless of the actual details, and acumen of the attending vet, the fact was that this mare was not drinking. […]

Training Horses by Rick Gore

I just discovered Rick Gore’s website – thinklikeahorse.org. I think this is a great website. I am currently retraining my yearling filly to load. She got in as a wee tyke but a rough winter came and she grew to 16h + and now she is a different horse! I looked to see what Rick Gore had to say about […]

The Big Secret of Horse Training

I was perusing the internet listings under “horse training” the other day. A lot of the flashy sites advertised that they would provide you with the one or two top secrets of horse trainers or the absolute secret to having a well-behaved horse. Now I did not buy their DVDs, CDs, trial newsletters and what-all but I can tell you […]

Training and the Willing Horse

One year I took lessons and exercised horses at an upscale horse camp. That meant I was riding a number of horses. There was one horse that could be said to be “willing.” He was a little stubby quarter horse whom the owner occasionally used when hunting. Otherwise he was a lesson horse. But this little guy was willing! The […]

Horse Stories: Lily and Sunlight

Sunlight was Lily’s first foal. Lily’s strange behavior may have been due to her inexperience. It may have been because she was on the bottom of the totem-pole at the time. Whatever the reason, she followed that foal instead of making the foal follow her. So the herd and I, down in the lower pastures, would all gaze in amazement […]

Horse Stories: Equine Intelligence and Training

My five-year-old Arabian gelding was a strange foal. He would pee on his mother’s food! I think he would also urinate on his own food. Older, he would chose to urinate in his stall or paddock no matter how short the time. This annoyed me since most of the horses chose to keep their personal areas clean. I decided to […]

Solutions with Horses

When members of the herd here start acting up in annoying ways I know I am neglecting them. The partnership between man and horse is a strange one which needs constant work. Not too much. 15 minutes three times a week. For you who board your horses this should be done before you ride. Do your grooming – the universal […]