Exceptional horses: Anyday Fancy

My young paint pony mare, Arabian with one cross to Paint. is a phenomenon. She is vastly superior in health. Her cuts heal up in a twinkling with no scars. She is tough. She can handle the weather and odd foods. She is not very susceptible to flies or parasites. I have never seen her with colic. She seems clean […]

Handling New Arrivals

Plenty of excitement describes this year’s foal delivery. The maiden mare was long past the average due date and I was on the phone that morning to the vet, glancing at the mare in the paddock after another long night watching her restlessly pace her double stall. One the phone, I say, when I saw two legs protruding from under […]

Attending the Pregnant Mare

  You have accomplished the first and biggest hurdle – getting the mare pregnant. Nowadays this is difficult and usually separates the amateur from the professional breeder. You have selected a fine stallion and achieved pregnancy and then waited the long 11 months. This is where I am now. Kayla Tiki, my maiden Arabian, has sailed right past her due […]

Method Validation

Lily and I have been going to the arena at Royal Equus near Austin, Texas. Lily’s experience away from the ranch has been limited in the past but now in every instance of new experiences her behavior is exemplary. She observes everything with curiosity, and looks at the other horses to ascertain her proper behavior. At this arena she has […]

Horses and True Horsemanship

My friend, who is a specialist in child development, and I become more and more amazed at how like human children horses are. When do you need to whip a child? What kind of nuanced behavior requires a stroke with a dangerous object? Horsemanship might be defined by how much one can achieve with how little. We as owners usually […]

Equine Intelligence Update

My feelings at this time are that horses are capable of extreme intelligence. Intelligence useful to us humans varies according to breed and, of course, the individual horse but also environment and genetics. It has been my experience that succeeding generations of horses born into a nurturing and stimulating environment produce a higher “intelligence” and integration than is possible in […]

The Potential of Morgan Horses

I saw this and I have to share it. I may post it, too, on my Facebook. This horse, Landgraf 1, is a Holsteiner. He is 5/8 Thoroughbred and appeared 24 times in the pedigree of 19 jumpers at the 2012 London Olympics including three in the top 11. I show him to you here because he looks like a […]

Good Horse/Bad Horse

Many people through the years have exclaimed about their horses who were SO good the day before but today, at the show, the are bad, bad. Well, I figured it out! They are praised and made much of for being good so they think they have risen in the herd dynamic and now they don’t have to and shouldn’t have […]

Horses and Wonderful Owners

A tall man came to my little ranch and offered to buy all three of my geldings. With a surplus of horses and a drought, none of them were getting the attention they craved… so I gave him a good price. They all went to his home for his granddaughters to ride. I was nervous about them going to a […]

Smart Horse?

Ravi is the lead gelding in the herd. When I put him and another mare up he goes in first. Now, I wanted to change the order of the two, including him, going into a paddock which has one door. I wanted him on the outside by the door. He did not agree with this arrangement. Well, I was riding […]