Horses and Ego

I am increasingly aware of the degree of sentience in my horses and even my dog (and the hens?). This is presenting a problem. Intellectual capacity, awareness, ego – what obligations do I have when I develop this in a group of animals? Now, you may be aware of the change domesticity can bring to the consciousness of animals. The […]

Training Horses and Leadership

What is leadership all about vis-a-vis horses? This is about trust and confidence in your leadership. You do not have to do the right thing all the time but they have to know that you will try to do the right thing to keep them safe and protect their interests. One of the hardest things to do is to interfere […]

Training Problem Horses

A common problem is the difficult horse. The horse who has dangerous habits like kicking, bucking or rubbing the rider off on trees. The first advice from knowledgeable people is to sell the horse to someone who is expert in dealing with these issues. I have personally found that it takes years to “cure” a horse of these bad habits. […]

What Are Horses Trying to Tell You?

Communication with horses takes some time and attention. The first, most obvious reason is that they cannot speak. They don’t even purr or bark. Sometimes, if it is urgent, they might neigh. They certainly neigh about the thing most important to them – food. So, to begin with, you must learn a non-verbal communication. Most people are familiar with the […]

On Feeding Treats to Horses

Horses must and do eat constantly to live. Cats and dogs do not eat very often and have lots of time and interest in playing with you. If you are going to distract horses from their very important task I feel you need to make it worth their while – with food. This is understood by the very best trainers […]

Horses – Differences in Personality

The differences between personalities in the horse world is interesting. Horses are definitely not alike and do have their temperaments, both within and between breeds. An example is the very different response my two horses had to being lost for 2 1/2 days when young. When these two were finally found they exhibited very different attitudes. My Arabian gelding, who […]

April Annette

April is my Swedish Warmblood, Morgan cross. Now, at 9 months she is over 15 h. Her wither is about even with my eyebrows and I am 5’5″. I am having some trouble with my mares and the pecking order. April’s mother was separated to grow and have the foal and things changed while she, the formerly dominant mare, was […]

Communication and Your Horse

If no one answered, would you speak? If your caretakers did not even consider the possibility that you were capable of communication, would you try? For how long? Or would you lapse into a dull, passive-aggressive relationship with your unyielding captors? In my opinion, horses (and I refer to all age groups) have an amazing ability to communicate. If you […]

Horses & Telepathy

Hi, I won’t say too much here because I do not usually use this. I have found it causes more trouble than it’s worth. My experience is this. When the herd and I were going out into the neighbor’s ranch and also about on our land, I realized that there was a distinct correlation between the place I thought about […]

Waking Up Horses

Hi All, I worked at a riding camp once upon a time. I observed that even new, perky, willing-to-please horses were dulled and ground down by the routine (as we all would be). I experimented with ground work and rewards. For example, stretching was rewarded with a small bit of alfalfa. There was a resurgence of life and interest in […]