A Small Breeding Facility, Specializing in Fine Horses

Our horses are selected for conformation and character and they are trained so that this innate
intelligence is directed into a form that best suits our goal of a satisfying partnership.

In short, your dream horse.

The most important attribute of a superior horse is willingness.  Willingness to do what you request but also a generosity of spirit so that they try to understand what you wish even if the request is unclear. Add to this a familiarity with the human as a benevolent partner and you have the beginning of something superior.                                                                                                                                                               

Conformation is, of course, essential for long lasting and comparatively trouble free health. Conformation here also means a physical ability to move freely in different directions and into different disciplines without difficulty.

We are actively breeding Morgan and Arabian horses and Warmbloods for dressage. Our Arabian mares are of top Arabian racing bloodlines. The introduction of Morgans and Morgan bloodlines into respected Warmblood lines is directed by our conviction that Morgan temperament, breeding vigor and endurance adds much to traditional Warmblood sporthorse pedigrees.

Dressage suitability informs all of our breeding and training decisions.